Successful removal of fibroid from a uterus



A 9.5kg size fibroids operated abdominally.

An UNMARRIED patient of 38yrs prevoiusly diagnosed as a case of ADENOMYOSIS was operated elsewhere ( ADENOMYOMECTOMY )by laparotomy 7yrs back. Now she again came with the same complaints & was found to have a uterus of 14WKS size having feature of adenomyosis. The patent was councelled for medical conservative surgery. But she interested on Hysterectomy ( as she was not going to marry ). Diagnostic laparoscopy revealed EXTENSIVE PELVIC ADHESIONS due to previous surgery along with adhesion of the bowel loops. So it was taken up vaginally & a successful vaginal hyrectomy was done. The adhesions were released step by step PER VAGINA.